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Friends Drawing Class 1 for beginner students age 6-10.  Students will learn a step-by-step process of breaking an object or animal into smaller parts using line and shape in order to create an accurate drawing.  Students will be encouraged to create interesting backgrounds and details using real-life examples and pictures. The instructor will develop additional curriculum based on student interest and ability in which students may explore color, texture, value, form, perspective, and/or proportions.  Individual creativity will be encouraged.


Session Dates/Times:   Spring 2024  April 15 – June 17   Mondays at 5:00pm-6:00pm

Classes are held once a week on Mondays at 5:00pm.  There will not be class on Memorial Day, session will be extended one week to make up for the missed class on Memorial Day, May 27.


Parent Meeting:  Monday, April 8 at 5pm


Drawing class Exhibit, Date/Time:  Monday, April 8 at 5pm



Fee:  $35.00  Supplies required, see Miscellaneous tab for list.
Refund Policy:  $5.00 fee will be retained if refund requested.  No refund will be given to any student who withdraws after the first week of classes. An exception may be granted at the discretion of the staff due to medical reasons only. Further, no refund will be given to any student removed from the class during the course of the season for disciplinary reasons.



Registrations:  Registration is available online with debit/credit card for Spring 2024 classes.  Please be sure you receive a confirmation email after you complete the online registration.   Paper registrations will be in the church brochure racks by Friday, March 22.  They will be accepted until April 8,  or until the class fills up, whichever occurs first.  Late registrations will be accepted if space is available. Office hours are 9am-3pm.   Class fills up very quickly.


Click on button at top of page “Register Now” to register online with debit/credit card.




Instructor:  Melissa Stranger


Questions?  Contact First Friends Sports and Recreation Ministries at Ph #330-966-6868, email




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What to wear?  Students should wear comfortable clothing following the modesty requirements (shorts longer than fingertip length, shoulders and bellies must be covered, no words on the derriere) and comfortable shoes.  Color stain marks may happen, an Art Shirt is recommended.


Supply list needed:
Pad of Drawing Paper (24 sheets of 18″ x 24″)
Fine & Broad Tip Markers in assorted colors, including black
Scratch Paper (printer paper is ideal)
Pencil & Eraser (No Mechanical Pencils)
Portfolio for large papers
File folder to contain loose papers (8 1/2″ x 11″)
Art Shirt recommended

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Parent Resources

Please click on link to view  Parent Welcome Letter

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