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This class will include swing flag guard technique and performance. Students will learn how to use 5ft flags in this class. Students will be responsible for bringing flags back and forth to the class and are required to practice between classes.

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Important Information


This class is for students age 12-17.  Student must be at least 5ft tall and/or at least 12 yrs old.  They must be responsible with the transportation of flags between classes.    Please email Deanna Schmucker with questions.  Her email address is

Classes will be held daily, Tuesday – Friday (July 23-26) from 8pm to 9pm and on Saturday, July 27 from 2pm to 3pm.

Parents Meeting:   Tuesday, July 16 at 6pm

What do students wear to flag camp?
Comfortable clothes and sneakers that follow these guidelines:

Shorts, fingertip length or longer, or yoga pants
No words/illustrations on the derriere
Students with long hair must pull the hair back.
Tennis shoes or other comfortable dance shoes
T-shirt or other shirt that covers shoulders (no tank tops) and bellies.

Dance Festival:  July 27 at 4pm (Note new time!)    Location: First Friends Church gym.  Please have your child in the gym by 5:45pm to use the restroom and find their seats.  Family and Friends are invited to view your child’s performance.  There is no cost for admission.  There will be refreshments following the performance.

Instructors:  Erica Fill and Deanna Schmucker

Questions?  Contact First Friends Sports and Recreation Ministry at Ph #330-966-6868, email

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