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Beginners Summer Dance Camp for boys and girls age 6-8.
All classes are a part of First Friends Sports & Recreation Outreach. The Arts Academy at First Friends (FFC) is rooted in our belief that all areas of life are sacred and everything we do must be under the Lordship of Christ (Col 3:17-23). We believe God is delighted when we pray but also when we play. He has created us with abilities and desires to play and compete and thus we “worship” Him in our activity (Romans 12:1).

Beginner Dance Camp Skills Taught: Introducing the following: Counting Music, Moderately Complicated Combinations, Core Awareness, Performance Concentration, Spinal Alignment.

Develop: Pointed Toes, Straight Legs, Correct Posture, Turns, Jumps, Rhythm, Pattern Combinations, Dance Memorization, Expressing Mood through Dance, Partnering/Team Work, 5-6 Ballet Vocabulary Words, Class Structure, Intermediate Dance Etiquette.

Master: Minimally Structured Improv, Beginner Dance Etiquette, Classroom Attire & Hygiene.


Dates/Times:  Summer 2021 TBA


Fee:  $30.00 (2019 fee subject to change)
Refund Policy:  $5.00 fee for refunds.   No refund will be given to any participant who withdraws on or after the first day of camp. An exception may be granted at the discretion of the staff due to medical reasons only. Further, no refund will be given to any participant removed from the class during the course of the season for disciplinary reasons.


Registration:  Registrations for Summer 2021 will be available online and in the church brochure racks one month prior to start of camp. Deadline to register is TBA. They will be accepted online at any time with debit/credit card or at the First Friends Church Welcome Desk with check or cash during business hours of 9am-3pm, Mon-Fri until camp fills up or TBA, whichever occurs first.


Parents’ Meeting Date:  TBA


Festival Date/Time:  TBA  Family and Friends are invited to view your child’s performance.  There
is no cost for admission.  There will be refreshments following the performance.


Questions?  Contact First Friends Sports and Recreation Ministry at Ph #330-966-6868, email



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What do students wear to dance camp?

Black leggings
Black T-shirt that must cover shoulders and bellies
Bare Feet
Boys wear black shorts

Other uniform requirements:
No midriff or words/illustrations on the derriere.
Students with long hair must pull the hair back.

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